Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click campaigns (such as Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing) are another extremely important part of the search engine marketing process.

One of the major benefits of PPC is the ability to quickly rank for your targeted keywords. Another major benefit is having full control over the ad text that appears with your listing.

In case you aren’t familiar with PPC listing, they appear almost every time that you do a search query. For example, in Google you will see search results on the left hand side (which are known as natural results) and Sponsored Results on the right hand side (which are pay per click). You can easily distinguish the Sponsored Results from natural search listings because they are clearly marked “Sponsored Results.” This is a great place to for your website to be because the Sponsored Results on the first page of Google get a lot of attention from users who are searching for products and services.

Pay per click works very well at the beginning of a search engine marketing program, because it can be used to drive qualified traffic to your website while we are waiting for your site to rise in the natural search results.

Search Engine Marketing Group will manage your pay per click campaigns, and continually monitor and optimize you campaigns on a ongoing basis to achieve optimal results.

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Eric Brantner

Since hiring Gerald to handle my SEO and link building needs, my website has taken a drastic leap upward in the search rankings. I’m now enjoying first page rankings for many of the most desirable keywords, and my website is getting more quality traffic and more conversions. I look forward to continuing the use of Search Engine Marketing Group’s services!

Eric Brantner