Guest Post Portfolio

This portfolio contains a showcase of my contributions as a guest blogger.

Search Engine Journal

SEJ specializes in a community approach to reporting search engine news and sharing practical SEM knowledge.

Dimbler – Social Media Sharing on Steroids

“If you wish there was a way to easily spread the word about your content, you’re going to love Dimbler.”

3 Ways Digg Can Stop the “Bury Brigade” Dead in Its Tracks!

“When publishers take the time to create great content and active users use their time to share this great content, only to have it buried out of spite by a group of Diggers acting in cahoots, it’s unfair to all of Digg’s users, the content publishers and Digg itself.”

There Is Definitely Something Devious Going on Over at Reddit

“When I first got started with Reddit, I was really impressed by how much more democratic Reddit seemed to be than Digg and some of the other social media websites.”

Why It’s a Terrible Idea to Unfollow Everyone on Twitter

“After reading his post, I started thinking about this subject quite a bit, and these are the three main reasons I came up with as to why it is a terrible idea to unfollow everyone on Twitter.”

Vertical Measures

The Vertical Measures’ blog collects knowledge from link building experts to provide advice on the best SEO practices.

10 Deadly Internet Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Must Avoid

“If you run a small business, the odds are already against you. You can’t afford to make any mistakes that will further jeopardize your potential for success. Here are 10 Internet marketing mistakes you need to avoid like the plague.”

How Guest Blogging Can Send Your Brand and Reputation Straight to Hell

“I’m a professional SEO, link builder and marketer, so I completely understand the need to build links. But I truly believe there are much better ways to build links than throwing together short guest posts that simply litter the blogosphere.”


MyBlogGuest is a community that connects bloggers to guest posters.

Guest Blogging: Sometimes It’s Best To Just Say No

“Chances are if you’re reading this you allow guest posts on your blog. I do because I think it’s a great way to provide readers with quality content while building connections with other bloggers in (and sometimes outside of) my niche. But I do have some rules I follow when accepting guest posts.”

SEO Smarty

The SEO Smarty blog provides useful search engine news and optimization advice.

The 7 Reasons Every Blogger Should Be Guest Posting

Note: One year after this post was published, MyBlogGuest was launched as a community of guest bloggers for people interested in guest blogging.

Gator Crossing

HostGator’s official company blog Gator Crossing delivers HostGator news and other useful information.

10 Ways to Tell If Your Web Host Sucks

“Finding a reliable web host can be more challenging than wrestling a penguin in a tub full of apricot jelly. I know this all too well after going through a few web hosting horror stories of my own. Having a reliable web host is vitally important for business owners and entrepreneurs whose uptime can make or break their business.”

Famous Bloggers

Famous Bloggers offers advice from a wide range of contributors on how to be successful online.

How to Put the Kibosh on Content Scrapers and Thieves

“Since it has been a couple of years since I have written about online content theft, I felt it was the perfect time to write an up-to-date post outlining some of the ways you can catch someone stealing your content, as well as what you can do to protect the content have worked so hard to create.”

Gator Crossing

HostGator’s official company blog Gator Crossing delivers HostGator news and other useful information.

21 Things SMBs Can Do to Make Google Love Their Website

“I consider myself to be a very active participant of social media, and agree that it offers a lot of interesting opportunities. However, I think it’s important for us to avoid getting so caught up in the social media whirlwind that we forget about good old fashioned SEO”

Search News Central

SNC delivers the latest news related to SEO, content strategies and analytics.

Dear Bloggers Everywhere, Please Lose the “Over the Top” Opt-in Popups

“I continue to be completely baffled by the growing number of bloggers that seem to think the opt-in auto popup is a good idea.”

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